The RTP examines the 20-county metropolitan planning area’s transportation needs over the next 25 years and provides a framework to address anticipated growth through transportation strategies to improve mobility and investments to improve the region’s transportation system. The RTP is a comprehensive statement of the regional future transportation needs as identified by local jurisdictions, the State and other planning and public stakeholders.

Documents last updated May 2019.

Regional Transportation Plan (Complete Document)

Table of Contents

Twelve Things to Know









RTP Project List

Transit Program of Projects

Population and Employment Forecasts

Equitable Target Areas

Conformity Determination Report

For a nonattainment area such as the Atlanta region, the CDR is a report accompanying the regional transportation plan that signifies that emissions from travel on the metro area’s transportation system, shown in the plan, are consistent with the area’s goals for air quality. Air quality goals are prescribed by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the federal Clean Air Act.

Conformity Determination Report

Amendment #2

Amendment #3

Amendment #4

Amendment #5

Amendment #6

Amendment #7

Model Documentation

ARC used an integrated system of three sophisticated models to develop the forecasts that support the Atlanta Region’s Plan. The REMI model produces a regional forecast, which is then disaggregated by a small-area model called PECAS, which then feeds distributed socioeconomic data into an activity-based travel model (ABM).

ABM Specification Report

ABM Calibration Report

REMI Policy Insight Model Documentation

REMI TranSight Introduction

PECAS Theory

PECAS Model Development

PECAS Model Refinement