The Regional Agenda is the implementation section of The Atlanta Region’s Plan.  It dictates the programs and projects that implement the Regional Policy Framework.  The Regional Findings are a required component of the Regional Agenda, and they constitute the list of issues and opportunities to be addressed in the plan. The ARC Implementation Plan section within the Regional Agenda, includes the Regional Five-Year Work Program, as well as ARC programs that implement The Atlanta Region’s Plan.

Regional Agenda

The Regional Development Map

The Regional Development Map is the Unified Growth Policy Map (UGPM) that is included in the Regional Development Guide.  The UGPM is comprised of place types, such as Areas, Centers, and Places.  Areas describe predominant land use patterns throughout the region.  Places and Centers reflect concentrated uses that have generally defined boundaries and provide greater detail within Areas.  These are all detailed in the Regional Development Guide.

UGPM and Regional Development Guide

Local Government Plan Implementation

The Local Government Plan Implementation includes Performance Standards for Local Governments. The standards are divided into minimum and excellence achievement thresholds.  These standards are ways that local governments implement The Atlanta Region’s Plan.

Local Government Plan Implementation