Foster the Application of Advanced Technologies to the Transportation System

Technology has changed the way residents live and travel in the Atlanta region. New technologies provide travelers with real-time data to inform decisions and will continue to shape the way residents and goods move in the future.



The Atlanta Region’s Plan includes funding to operate the region’s Transportation Systems Management program, which is designed to anticipate and manage congestion, reduce injuries and fatalities, and improve travel time reliability. The application of technologies, such as synchronized signal timing and advanced traffic management systems, improve how governments stay ahead of congestion.

Transportation Systems Management projects that are used in metro Atlanta include:

  • HERO (Highway Emergency Response Operators) traffic incident management and clearance
  • Georgia Navigator Advanced Traffic Management System, including freeway cameras, highway traffic message signs, speed detection, and on-ramp metering
  • Regional Traffic Operations Program traffic signal synchronization and communication
HERO traffic incident management program

HERO traffic incident management program

Georgia Navigator Traffic Message Signs

Georgia Navigator Traffic Message Signs

PLAN IN ACTION: GDOT Transportation Management Center in East Atlanta

The Georgia Department of Education operates a Transportation Management Center in East Atlanta, which provides the ability to respond during special events and emergencies. The facility is able to monitor real-time traffic conditions across the region by a network of more than 1,600 cameras. The center also coordinates ramp meters, highway traffic message signs, and HERO operations.

By the Numbers

… gallons of fuel saved each year because of increased efficiency under the Regional Traffic Operations Program

… hours saved by metro Atlanta drivers each year on corridors with signal timing improvements made under the Regional Traffic Operations Program

… number of traffic incidents responded to annually by HERO operators



Technology has made it easier for transit users to get around the region via the area’s four major transit providers. Projects managed by the Regional Transit Committee include online trip planners and apps that provide “real-time” travel information, such as locations of buses. Initiatives include:

  • Simply Get There – Trip planning website that provides personalized transportation options from a combination of services including public transit, carpool & vanpool, taxi and car sharing, and specialized ride services.
  • ATLtransit – Online resource that provides information and integrated trip planning services across the region’s four major transit providers.
  • MARTA On the Go – Mobile app that provides bus and rail travel schedules and real-time bus location for MARTA, the region’s largest transit provider.

Simply Get There logo

atltransit logo

Marta On The Go banner

PLAN IN ACTION: Regional Bus Stop Signage

ARC and the region’s major transit agencies have developed a streamlined set of bus stop signs to help ease customers’ confusion as they navigate areas such as downtown and Midtown Atlanta that serve multiple transit providers. This also communicates a more unified transit system among the various operators.

 It is the policy of ARC to:

  • Pursue the application and use of advanced technologies
  • Encourage the application of passenger information technologies